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Costing the Built Environment

Environmental Graphics. Signage. Experiential Displays.

Helping industry partners stay on time, in budget, and with the right partners. A third party consultant can help you navigate the budgeting, bidding, and leveling process to help you focus on your core business.


Daniel Tsui (principal/owner) is a 25+ year industry veteran who has worked with the top signage and display manufacturers in the industry. His vast network of suppliers, artisan craftsmen, and installers help inform the design process and price with the best value to achieve client goals.


From the napkin sketch to contract, stay in budget.

Design reviews play a crucial role in ensuring that projects meet client objectives, adhere to project requirements, and align with industry standards. During a design review, various stakeholders, including designers, clients, project managers, and external consultants, come together to assess the progress and quality of the design work.


Design Review

Let's find the optimal balance between cost, quality, and performance to deliver design solutions that exceed client expectations and maximize investment returns. I provide innovation and creative solutions that deliver the highest value proposition to all stakeholders.


Value Engineering

A meticulous evaluation process to ensure that vendors possess the expertise, capabilities, and reliability needed to meet the demands of a project. Ultimately this helps mitigate risks, optimize project outcomes, and foster successful collaborations that drive excellence and client satisfaction.


Vendor Qualifying

Bid management streamlines the procurement process by creating comprehensive bid forms, issuing RFQs (Requests for Quotation), and leveling bids. This ensures fair pricing, evaluates vendor capabilities, and selects the best-fit partners for design projects, optimizing efficiency and project success.


Bid Management
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